May 1st, 2009


Life in Australia is not the same as I expected when I was still in Africa. I thought that after I have arrived in Australia, I will live a happy life.As I arrived , I faced cultural diversity problems such as new  language,dressing style, education system, food, public transport and all other life components. Every thing is done by following time. For example in Africa someone can decide to meet the doctor at any time and day he wishes. But this is not possible in Australia. First of all before you meet the doctor, you need to call and ask for an appointment. This results to someone being a slave of time.
Employment is one of the big challenges which I am encountering. Education and working experience I used to have in Africa is not relevant in Australian societies.Therefore, I am unemployed which makes me to live a poor and miserable life I  have never lived before.The government is pushing me find job. This a good idea but the employment policies in Australia are favoring those people with working experience in  Australia. I am not happy with such discriminatory policies. If  people are not employed and work for a certain period of time: Where will they obtain working experience? Are they going to wait until all experienced workers have retired? This question contribute a lot of anger in my mind. But I believe that, this problem will end since everything has got it`s end.
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